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Jo's Newsletter

I tend to bounce over many subjects—metaphysics, the spiritual path, life blog, travel, writing about writing, blogging, chickens, animals, horses, home life, family, story, Hawaii, Oregon, California, and God. I'll even throw in sea life if that strikes me. Then, I hear the voice of blogging gurus telling me to find my niche and stick with it.

I scream, "THAT'S MY NICHE!" (All over the place.)

Auston Kleon (Steal Like an Artist) says, "You can cut off a couple of passions and only focus on one, but after a while, you'll start to feel phantom limb pain."

I love that man.

In her last writing tip, Barbara Kingsolver said "If you are young and a smoker, you should quit."

I qualify as a writer. 

I don't smoke, and I'm not young.

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